A Truth Commision?

Do we need a Truth Commission?

I think yes, a Truth Commission requires compromises in all aspects of the problem at hand, these parts of the Balkan does not have neither a record nor experience or history doing compromises, A Truth Commission where participants also from international bodies will force the participants to compromise in order to gain results in a faster way.

The reason behind doing this website is my desire to see a better relationship between the Albanians and Serbs and Roma people in Kosovo and Serbia. During my time on the Balkan’s I have seen sufferings on all sides of the conflict. For fourteen years I have dealt with Albanian and Serbian issues related to war crimes towards civilians committed in Kosovo 1998-99. The present situation, now in November 2013, is mildly speaking not well. The tension that has prevailed in the last hundred years has been sort of a Gordian knot, the good thing is that historically through all centuries there has come up, when needed, a specific generation, that has brought forth new ideas that changed direction for their country’s fate. Without having to relate to historical and political burdens that their forefathers were loaded with. I believe that today’s younger generation is such one generation that is given the unique chance to create a better future for themselves, their children and grandchildren, by changing their country’s direction concerning attitudes towards common things like; equal rights, communication, negotiation, understanding, compromising in order to create trust and peace for people in both Kosovo and Serbia.

The younger generation in both Serbia and Kosovo has today a unique chance to break this evil circle or political tit for tat game that has lasted for so long both internal and between the countries. They can achieve what their forefathers failed to accomplish namely create an environment for talking together on all levels without being afraid of the man next door will turn you in as a traitor because he or she happened to have another view on issues put on the table.

Based on the two books “Kosovo: The Wells of Death” and “What Happened in Kosovo 1998-1999 – A Documentation” and the documentary “The Process after a War”, the author of the books will try focus on the possibilities to engage the younger generation in Kosovo and Serbia to deal with;

1. The truth regarding war crimes in Kosovo.

Here are the books and the documentary paired with convictions done by ICTY (International Crime Tribunal for Yugoslavia) hard facts that could pave the way for a reconciliation and forgiveness process in order to ease and ultimately close the animosity between the groups.

2. Establish a sort of “Truth Commission” that can lead to a final and common chapter in the effort establishing the truth.

Never before in at least the last century has there been any written narrative that all groups in the area could agree on. It’s time to come up with the first narrative all parts can agree on and the period 1998-99 in Kosovo and forwards on is at hand. This is maybe the best and only chance to change the direction towards;

Equal rights, communication, negotiation, understanding and compromising in order to create trust and peace for people in both Kosovo and Serbia.