Kosovo Trilogy

The Kosovo Trilogy is documentation about what happened in Kosovo 1998-99 during the Milosevic regime’s assault on Kosovo and the Kosovo Albanian people.

After NATO/KFOR forces took control in Kosovo, the United Nations (UN) by UNMIK came in and took over and made Kosovo an UN-protectorate. UN took responsibility in order to bring Kosovo and the people there back to a normal state, after the Serbian authorities in Kosovo left a country in disarray, without any official records on state and municipality Level.

“The task before the international community is to help the people in Kosovo to rebuild their lives and heal the wounds of conflict”

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan (1999)

My intention with this trilogy is to bring forth the truth about war crimes committed in 1998-99 against the people in Kosovo, so that the Serbs and Kosovo Albanians can find a common understanding of their contemporary history. Based on a common understanding the road towards reconciliation, forgiveness and peace in the region will be easier to walk.



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